Wealth Steps Financial Planning

Introducing Wealth Steps

Wealth Steps Financial Planning

Create your account now for a step-by-step financial wellness program for members of the State Highway Patrol Federal Credit Union.

Through a series of online workshops and direct one-on-one consultations with a professional, Wealth Steps® provides you with:

  • Knowledge of how to maximize your lifetime earning potential through protection, saving, and planning;

  • Access to a secure, personalized website to analyze your individual financial situations; and

  • Outline a simple, logical order on how to achieve a financially successful life

As a member of SHPFCU, you can create your Wealth Steps® account today, and gain access to a confidential, secure, personalized website, supplying clarity and confidence for the future. Interactive tools, videos, articles, and other valuable resources make it fun to learn about the impact of earnings, savings, liquidity, and debt.

To create your Wealth Steps® account visit www.patrolcufinancialwellness.com